On the 8th of May 2019, one more important step was taken towards the social-economic development in Turkmenistan.  This is the foundation laying ceremony of a new social-production complex near the Turkmen lake “Altyn Asyr.”       

The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participated to this festive event.  The Head of State left a commemorative note placed in a special capsule positioned in the foundation of one of the new complex’s structures.                

The heads and representatives of the Mejlis (Parliament) of Turkmenistan, Deputies of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads and representatives of various ministries and agencies, as well as the higher educational institutions of the country, heads of diplomatic missions and representations of international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, international experts, foreign and local journalists also took part in the ceremony.

The “Altyn Asyr” lake is a grand hydro-technical project aimed at amelioration of the environment, including the rational use of water and land resources.  The process of building the lake is not simple.  With this purpose, a system of collectors for accumulating the drainage waters coming from the irrigated lands from all the regions of the country was created, then to transfer them to the natural valley called Garashor, in the north-west of Turkmenistan.             

The new, large-scale social-production complex and the Turkmen lake will become complementary segments in the region, where people will live and work in the sphere of crop production, animal husbandry and other types of agriculture.  According to the designed plan, the social-production complex will be built in two stages; the first will embrace the period of 2019-2022, while the second will encompass the years 2022-2025.    

It is vital to note that Turkmenistan pays great attention to cooperation with international organizations in this sphere. Therefore, effective management of water resources is one of the important aspects of cooperation with the United Nations, particularly in the process of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals that are steadily applied in the preparation of national development programs of Turkmenistan.